I’m looking for new opportunities and challenges. I’m interested in positions in user experience research, software engineering, data-driven projects, product- and service design, and digitization.

I have loved my time at Computer Science at Aarhus University, but I need new challenges. It has been an exciting and incredible ride, but every time I have visited collaborators and folks outside the university walls, in the software industry, digitization projects, the public sector, and other initiatives, I have been struck with all the amazing projects, talented people, and exciting challenges. Now I would like to try out the challenge – see how far my skills and experience can bring the projects I engage in and contribute to!

If this sounds interesting to you or your organization, then reach out. I would love to connect and have a chat about future possibilities.

I love building software! I’m looking for roles within user experience (research) and/or software engineering, and everything in between. I can fill the role of strong senior UX candidate that can work on close collaboration with developers and/or a software developer that can help translate needs and ideas into user stories, software architecture and code. I have a few ideas but am also open to other suggestions, so please reach out.

Here is a link to my resume as a PDF, see full resume for details

Currently, I’m an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Aarhus University, with human-data interaction as my research focus. I try to understand how to better integrate data into application design, interactive systems, analytics, visualization, and interaction design from an end-user perspective. I research how people use data and explore new tools to support analytics, visualization, and data-driven approaches. I teach experimental system development, design research, user-driven agile software development, co-design, and prototyping.

I have an MSc in Information Technology on Interaction Design, Open Data, and Smart City technologies. I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Aarhus University in Human-Computer Interaction (Interaction Design, User Experience, User-centered design, and design research). My thesis focuses on the theoretical and empirical foundations for location-based services and community software.