I do research, code and visualisation.

I am an assistant professor at the department of Computer Science at Aarhus University. Here I am part of the Computer Meditated Activities group. My main research area is Human-Computer Interaction, mixing in a bit of Ubiquitous Computing, Participatory Design and Data Visualisation and Analytics. I do empirical work on communities, develop IoT infrastructure for local environments, develop visual analytics tools, and theorise on ecological perspectives on technology use and design.

I am open to any kind of collaborations in research and with external partners, e.g. public institutions or companies. Send me an email if you have an idea or project you think needs a bit of HCI research and/or participatory data science.

I you are a student or similar and want to do a project or collaborate you are also welcome. For CS@AU students we have an open project list on the research group website. Take a look there or send me an email.

CC BY-NC Henrik Korsgaard 2018