I want to help you build better software!

After a decade as a researcher in Computer Science at Aarhus University, I’m looking for new opportunities within software engineering and/or UX.

In the span of the last 10 years as an HCI researcher, I have built multiple applications, demos, distributed systems, data analysis, and more. I have supervised over 100 projects within product design, user experience, systems design, and development. I’ve lectured about UX research and design, agile methodologies, C4 models, UML, software patterns and WebSockets, data-driven projects, evaluation, project management, and much more. I’ve spent countless hours at the whiteboard grokking a particular problem or helping students identify the right architecture or why their current system breaks.

I love building software! I want to join a team where I can contribute and learn at the same time. I can step into a role as a senior UX or as a software developer or solution architect, or it could also be something entirely new!

Ping me for a chat over coffee!

Here is a link to my resume as a PDF, see full resume for details

Currently, I’m an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Aarhus University, with human-data interaction as my research focus. I try to understand how to better integrate data into application design, interactive systems, analytics, visualization, and interaction design from an end-user perspective. I research how people use data and explore new tools to support analytics, visualization, and data-driven approaches. I teach experimental system development, design research, user-driven agile software development, co-design, and prototyping.

I have an MSc in Information Technology on Interaction Design, Open Data, and Smart City technologies. I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Aarhus University in Human-Computer Interaction (Interaction Design, User Experience, User-centered design, and design research). My thesis focuses on the theoretical and empirical foundations for location-based services and community software.