Full Resume

Updated February 2023 – contact me for further information.

Skills and experiences

Design, research and evaluation

I am an expert in interaction design and user experience, and how these two perspectives integrate with software development. I am an experienced qualitative and design researcher across multiple domains from home settings, over education and work, to communities and urban computing. I have facilitated multiple user-centered design processes involving domain studies, workshop facilitation, design meetings and requirement identification and development. I have played a leading role in multiple design projects and used various design formats for stakeholder engagement and alignment. I am familiar with and have applied multiple approches to usability and user experience design evaluation, including various walkthrough methods, heuristic evaluation, focus groups, experience sampling, think aloud, scenario-based evaluation etc. I have experience in teaching interaction design, user experience, evaluation and qualitative approches to design research.

Software engineering

I have a broad set of skills in design and software engineering. I developed multiple research prototypes, applications, data-driven projects, etc. applying my interaction design and software developer skills. I have developed smartphone applications from conceptual design to deployment, smaller modules, proof-of-concept systems, network-based systems, data visualisations, and much more, in a broad range of languages. I am familiar with Domain-Driven Design, Test-Driven Development, SCRUM, agile and a large host of devlopment models and principles. I have come to learn that programming languages matter less than a clear vision, well-written requirements and user stories, and the overarching system design (from high-level architecture to specific modules). I have more experience with web-based technologies but have also developed more low-level components, data APIs, and traditional applications. I have experience in teaching practical software development in a project-based course that moves from user needs and requirement identification, to a 3 spring agile process and final evaluation.

Project management

I have project management experience from various research and public-private projects, as well as conference organizing events and technical projects. This includes managing deliverables, preparation of technical documentation, developing procedures, managing resources, and expectation alignment in international and national collaborations across multiple stakeholders. In particular, the EU project RADICAL, my work in Smart Aarhus, and organizing conferences have provided valuable lessons and experience in project management, stakeholder alignment, frequent check-ins, coordination, and the importance of appreciative and productive communication.

I am familiar with a large selection of project and project methodologies, from agile methods (e.g. SCRUM) to more formalized approaches like (PRINCE2, LEAN and public IT-process frameworks). I have taught approaches to project management and agile software development for years, including approaches that focus on risk management, quality assurance, estimation challenges, and evaluation.

My management experiences include managing teaching assistants in my courses. This involves coordination meetings, staffing, coaching on student feedback and classroom management, and developing plans and instructions for them to carry out in their class sessions. In addition, I have supervised 50+ student teams in their course projects, and bachelor and master thesis work. This includes project and code review, helping them scope and prioritize tasks, identifying technical challenges, providing input and advice on their collaboration with external stakeholders, and dealing with various challenges related to deadlines, team dynamics, technical competencies, and communication.

Communication skills

I have strong communication skills in both Danish and English. I have experience with scientific communication, technical writing, and developing documentation, tutorials, scenarios, user stories, models, and materials for a wide range of processes and projects.

I frequently write technical tutorials for multiple levels, e.g. supporting students in deploying with Docker on a VM somewhere in the cloud or developing diagrams and illustrations that can explain complex technical concepts. I have researched collaborative writing, information visualization, and the role various representations (text, sketches, models, user stories) play in software development and elsewhere.

One of my favorite approaches is to combine communication strategies and utilize various representations, from data visualizations to sketches and narratives, to communicate ideas and challenges. A large part of my teaching and supervision is to help students train their academic as well as technical writing.


Current Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University
2017 – 2020 Postdoc at Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University
2013 – 2017 PhD at Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University
2011 – 2013 Project Assistant at AU Smart Cities
2012 External Lecturer at Department of Aesthetics and Communication
2011 – 2012 Research Internship at Center for Advanced Visualisation and Interaction
2010 – 2012 Teaching Assistant at Department of Aesthetics and Communication
2006 – 2007 Cabinetmaker at Gorm Schierup.
2004 – 2006 Cabinetmaker at Brdr. Andersens Møbelsnedkeri


2013 – 2017 PhD at Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University
2010 – 2013 MSc in Information Technology at Aarhus University
2007 – 2010 BA Information Studies and Multimedia at Aarhus University
2000 – 2004 Cabinetmaker apprentice at Brdr. Andersens Møbelsnedkeri
1996 – 1998 Viby Amtsgymnasium and HF


2022 CSCW Best Paper Award for Collectives and their Artifact Ecologies
2016 CSCW Honorable Mentions Award for ‘A Farmer, a Place and at least 20 Members’: The Development of Artifact Ecologies in Volunteer-based Communities
2010 Winner of the OzCHI 2010 Student Design Competition
2004 Bronze medal at the cabinetmaker apprentice exam

Positions and service

2022 Assistant Professor APV Committee at Computer Science, Aarhus University
2020 – 2023 Steering Committee Officer: European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies
2021 – 2022 Late-Breaking Work Chair at NordiCHI
2021 Associate Chair CHI 2022 Interaction Beyond the Individual sub-committe
2017 – 2018 Member of Postdoc Committee at Computer Science, Aarhus University
2015 – 2023 Member of the CS/IT Lab committee at Computer Science, Aarhus University
2015 – 2017 Member of PhD Committee at Computer Science, Aarhus University
2015 – 2016 Organising Committee member at the 2016 Participatory Design Conference
2015 Proceedings Chair at the 5th Decennial Aarhus Conference
2013 – 2014 PhD at Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University
2012 – 2013 Member of the Danish Smart City Network
2011 – 2013 Member of Aarhus Open Data work group
2011 – 2013 Member of the Smart Aarhus Secretariat

Larger research-oriented projects participation

2017 – 2023 Contributing researcher to the CIO project
2017 – 2018 Contributing researcher to the FounData
2013 – 2017 Contributing researcher to Participatory IT centre
2013 Contributing participant to EU RADICAL
2014 Application development and contributor to Organizity


2023 Experimental System Development Approx 120 students
2022 Experimental System Development Approx 160 students
2021 Experimental System Development Approx 130 students
2020 IT Product Design Approx 35 students
2019 IT Product Design Approx 35 students
2017 User Experience (co-lecturing) Approx 20 students
2012 Advanced Interactino Design (co-lecturing) Approx 20 students
2012 Interaction Design BA Project (co-lecturing) Approx 20 students


Note: Student names removed due to privacy and GDPR.

Master thesis
  • 1 student (Jan 2017): Proximity Aware System For Control of IoT-Devices, supervisor: Niels Oluf Bouvin, Co-supervisor: Henrik Korsgaard

  • 1 student (Jan 2019): Investigating the Relationship Between Volunteer Organization and the Companies That Donate to Them, supervisors: Susanne Bødker & Henrik Korsgaard

  • 1 student (Jun 2020): Exploring Moralising Technologies Through Design, supervisors: Henrik Korsgaard & Eve Hoggan

  • 3 students (Jun 2020): Value Driven Design Within a Zero Waste Setting, supervisors: Susanne Bødker & Henrik Korsgaard

Bachelor thesis
  • 3 students (Jun 2018): Place-specific Programming, supervisors: Susanne Bødker & Henrik Korsgaard

  • 2 students (Jun 2018): Understanding the Home: A Take on Arti-fact Ecologies, Roles and Shareability, supervisors: Susanne Bødker & Henrik Korsgaard

  • 1 student (Aug 2021): The “Black box” Problem of Teaching, supervisors: Eve Hoggan & Henrik Korsgaard

  • 2 students (Jun 2022): Increasing Engagement in Utility Usage Among Young People Through Situated Data Visualizations, supervisor: Henrik Korsgaard


2022 Software Engineering and Architecture Approx 45 students
2022 Computer Science project 1 student
2021 Software Engineering and Architeture Approx 45 students
2020 Foundations of IT Product Design Approx 35 students
2020 Physical Computing Approx 35 students
2019 Computer Science project 1 student
2019 Physical computing Approx 20 students
2019 Building the IoTs with P2P and Cloud Computing Approx 16 students
2018 Physical computing 1 student
2017 IoT/P2P Networking Approx 25 students
2015 Computer Science project 2 students

Pedagogical activities and service

2020 Participated in 2 AU EduIT: Learning Design Workshops, on blended learning and Educational IT
2015 – 2023 Member of the lab committee for the Chomsky lab at Computer Science, Aarhus University
2014 Participated in organizing and planning the PIT summer school
2014 Completed the AU GSST: Introduction to Science Teaching
2011 Completed the AU Arts: Pedagogical course for Teaching Assistants
2011 – 2013 Founding member of the lab committee for the Digital Design lab at Information Studies and Digital Design, Aarhus Universit

Teaching assistant

2016 IT Product Design Project Approx 40 students
2015 Experimental Systems Development Approx 100 students
2014 Practical Project in Computer Science Approx 50 students
2010 – 2012 Interaction Design II Approx 20 students
2010 Introduction to Programming Approx 60 students
2010 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Approx 60 students