Lecture notes

Two things dawned on me recently. First, I wanted the students to be better at working with the academic texts and prepare for in-class discussions. Second, students are not prepared for or taught how to read papers and complex academics texts. They are typically exposed to textbooks in the undergrad. To bridge this gap, I have started to prepare detailed lecturing notes and reading guides for the literature I use. Below are my growing collection of lecture notes free to use (CC-NC)


Below are some selected materials from courses I have taught recently. This is most for archival reasons (current university is switching LMS again) so we can find it somewhere in public.

IT Product design Project 2020

This is a project course where the students develop an IT product as a semester project. In parallel they are introduced to the course theme literature, readings on various topics relevant to design and their project, and the tools necessary for producing their designs.

Course description Design Brief Reading list

IT Product design Project 2019

Course description Design Brief Reading list

User Experience 2017

Course description Reading list