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I am looking for new challenges, colleagues and projects to engage with and contribute to! I have a broad skillset and competences within software development and interaction design to offer and strong experiences from project management and participating in IT-projects, ranging from developing small research prototypes to collaborating with multiple partners in EU projects.

I am looking for a place to put my keyboard that offer opportunities for further honing my competences with emphasis on developing influential products, services, strategies and practices — I want to contribute to stellar software products and services. An ideal position would mix software development with project responsibilities, with oppertunities to advance into project managment and strategic product development.

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I seek to apply and develop my expertise within one or more of the following roles:

Software development

I approach software development from a user experience perspective and at the interface. I believe good software develops from a good understanding of practices and work-flows within the task space and a robust technical foundation. I started out in frontend, but have developed an interest in full stack development and distributed systems. I bring experience from empirical and technical work in the following areas:

Visual analytics and data science

I approach visual analytics and data science from a design process and tooling perspective. It is important to develop intermediate tools and visualisations that can aid the team and stakeholders in understanding the potential and limitations in the availble data, even in the early stages in any data science project. I bring experiences from empirical and technical work in the following areas:

Project management

I enjoy developing and managing software and digitisation project with a longitudinal and strategic element. I approach projects systematically with an agile mindset and attention to milestones and prioritised deliverables. I bring experience from developing and managing smaller research-oriented projects and participating in larger projects and partnerships on a local, national and EU level within the following areas:

Additionally, I have supervised and taught multiple projects and project-based course, as well as lecturing on good project management practice in product development.

User Experience Design

In my approach to user user experience design from a code and prototyping perspective. It is important to sketch and develop the interface in an interactive format (e.g. HTML/CSS/JS) from the get go. This allow the team and client to explore the prototype early on and facilitates an progressive translation into the final product. I bring experiences from empirical and technical work in the following areas:

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Looking for Work